List of References

Surveyors & Architects

Draycotts   01590 673282

Works Undertaken        

We have undertaken various works, on recommendation from Mr Draycott, both on a direct basis for the client and also under his supervision, over the past 21 years. The work has ranged from very small minor repairs to complete refurbishments, substantial work on listed buildings (one project £750,000.00) various extensions & rennovations, one new build for approximately £700,000.00 and a current new build in excess of £650,000.00.  Many of these clients have returned to us for second and third projects over a number of years.

Richard Poole Surveyors  01590 641330   

Works Undertaken

We have undertaken various contracts for Mr Poole, including new build (£330,000.00) various extensions and renovations and isolated repair works.  Some of these works were undertaken on a tender basis and some were negotiated costs, ranging from very small repairs upto extensions/rennovations upwards of £100,000.00


Brian Turner               01425 476993  

Works Undertaken

We have undertaken various projects for Brian Turner, some over seen by Brian and some following a recommendation from Brian to the home owner.


Customer References

These customers would happily provide a written reference should you require one:

Mr & Mrs Le Pard 

We have undertaken various works, including two storey extention, internal and external decorating, patio formation and chimney repairs.  Returned to site to undertake further works to include a new driveway etc.  

Dr & Mrs Rickards       

We have undertaken a two extensions and major internal alterations and drainage work.

Mr Hubbard                 

We have undertaken various projects for this client.  We started with a loft conversion and minor alterations.  We then constructed a boat store and double garage.  This was followed by the construction of a conservatory.  We then returned to carry out works on a further loft conversion, again to the main property.  The roof of the garage was then converted into accommodation and further external wroks were completed to the driveway.  We were then instructed to proceed with an extension and major alterations to another local property that he owns.

Mr  Martin                  

We carried out a major single storey extension together with renovations to their local cottage.